Mini Audio Higyène

Montreal’s electro queen Mini releases her first full-length album demonstrating her talent as a great producer, as well as DJ and promoter. Boasting a regular crowd enthusiastic to come out to Le Parking in Montreal every Thursday, Mini has been able to play alongside some the world’s finest electro and house DJs she has invited to her night. Perhaps her guests assisted in inspiration for this album, as Mini’s first is at the same calibre as Ada or Ellen Allien. Audio Higyène is full of bass lines that hook, vocals that never become monotonous or dry, and songs that are full of emotion. "Walking” shows Mini’s more pop oriented and melodic side, while perhaps "Tchak!” is the Montreal version of the Chicago Jack. "This is Now” is intricately textured electro that features upcoming Spanish MC Butta Beats. Josée from Lesbians on Ecstasy is also featured on "Ego Trip” with vocals and additional production. (NRG Komrads)