Mind.In.A.Box Lost Alone

Mind.In.A.Box, the solo project of videogame composer Stefan Poiss, is a collection of musical stories surrounding loneliness and the struggle to find like-minded individuals. While such a concept sounds cheesy, Lost Alone is a pleasant surprise. Poiss’s music manages to encapsulate feelings of isolation and longing. He is gentle in just the right places while maintaining a consistent level of dark passion throughout the disc. This release is peppered with elements of future pop, particularly in "Light & Dark” and "Change” where robotic vocals are used to achieve a futuristic atmosphere. Yet Poiss does not attempt to stick to any particular genre. "Walking” is a catchy piece of shadowy electronica, abusing vocal distortions to an effectively eerie level. "Questions” and "Leave” use more traditional goth-based vocals over layers of upbeat synth. Ultimately Poiss sticks to his concept while managing to deliver unyielding melodies. This may be easy listening for rivetheads, but that does not mean Poiss’s talents should be quickly dismissed. (Metropolis)