Milosh Meme

One of the first times I got high on LSD, somehow my girlfriend and I ended up at a suburban strip mall at four a.m., slow dancing to barely audible romantic "muzak” emitting from a blown speaker under the fuzzy glow of the neon tooth in the dentist’s office. Us lovers melted together as waves of distorted, crunchy ’70s love songs washed over us; it was a truly magical moment that burned itself deep into my consciousness, but I’ve never really heard music that quite captured that sensation until now. Toronto’s Milosh is a singer-songwriter who makes IDM love songs with a highly developed sense of melody, inventive rhythms and great lyrics. His last album, 2004’s You Make Me Feel, was highly acclaimed and Meme is more of the same; warm, futuristic electro soul with a pop sensibility. Milosh’s music is somewhat similar to another Canadian electronic singer- songwriter, Vitamins For You. If you like Boards Of Canada but your girlfriend prefers Dido, Milosh is likely to be the common ground that you could build a relationship on, or at least trip out to. (Plug Research)