Milligram Hello Motherfucker!

Milligram possesses a sound instantly reminiscent of a more up-tempo Kyuss, yet substantially deeper than the legions of imitators that have sprung up in their wake. Milligram's depth lies in their inherent understanding of fuzzed-out, stripped-down rock'n'roll. And considering the pedigree of their line-up (members have served in Stompbox, Slapshot and Only Living Witness), this isn't that surprising. Lead by the phenomenal vocal talents of one Jonah Jenkins (some may remember him from his days in Only Living Witness and Miltown), Milligram combines the fuzzy rock'n'roll with catchy choruses, Jenkins wailing, innumerable wah-drenched guitar solos and a simple reliance on the verse-chorus-verse aesthetic. While it isn't groundbreaking, when it works (and it does work) it is still powerful. Tracks like the MC5 on amphetamines "After the Riot," the groovier "Inri" and opener "Nipplemountain Clampdown" showcase Milligram's ability at interjecting life into a style all too often delivered devoid of any real emotion or competency. A divergence from Milligram's collective past it may be, but Hello Motherfucker! sure manages to rock like one. (Tortuga)