Milemarker Frigid Forms Sell

Although it was technically their third album, Milemarker's Frigid Forms Sell was really the first studio recording that successfully harnessed their affinity for noisy, post-punk art-core and synth-infused Euro-pop in a cohesive rock record. Two years after its original release, and coming in the wake of their brilliant Anaesthetic disc, Jade Tree is re-releasing the groundbreaking album for mass consumption, and consumed it should be. Frigid Forms Sell is evidence of how a band with the most disparate of influences can, when done properly, make them all work in harmony. It doesn't take too close a listen to figure out that Dave Laney and Roby Newton probably spent their formative years spinning Fugazi, Rush, Kraftwerk, Devo and Sonic Youth records. The added dimension of lyrics that deconstruct male/female relationships and Western civilisation makes it all that much more special. It's imaginative and complicated art rock without the instrumental noodling, structural pretension and goofy lyrical trappings traditionally associated with progressive rock. (Jade Tree)