Mike Krol Turkey

Mike Krol Turkey
Mike Krol's third album, Turkey, picks up where 2013's Trust Fund left off, with Krol delivering frantic fuzz-fest power-popped garage rock like a pro, with the added bonus of keys.  

Nine addictive tracks around the two-minute mark fly by, warranting many repeat listens. His heart proudly on his sleeve, Krol is like King Tuff's sensitive little brother, especially when his bratty whine juxtaposes with retro ray-gun sounds on "Neighborhood Watch." With their sweet yet scuzzy personalities and slick songwriting, the two would make for awesome tour mates.  

Krol's sound is like early Superchunk meets the exuberant playfulness of bands like the Hives and Supergrass, the emotiveness of Death Cab for Cutie peppered with the oohs of the Beach Boys; soaring sunny Californ-i-a melodies and hooks are his forte.

Turkey may aim for a DIY cool and casual feel, employing straightforward, hooky songwriting, but the attention to every production detail is apparent, from the piano-punctuated, aggressively upbeat "La La La" to the thick riffs on the high-octane gems "This is the News" and "Less Than Together." 

Production and keys aside, Turkey isn't much of a departure for Krol, but it may finally get him the recognition he deserves on the higher-profile Merge Records. (Merge)