Mike Edel "East Shore/West Shore" (video)

Mike Edel 'East Shore/West Shore' (video)
Victoria-based singer-songwriter Mike Edel is currently prepping his debut album India, Seattle, and in anticipation of the forthcoming release, Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of his new video "East Shore/West Shore."
The clip was shot on 16mm film at the Warehouse in Vancouver, and it opens with the singer describing the personal nature of his upcoming album. Keeping in line with his declaration that the songs are about specific things, the track is an ode to two places that are obviously far apart and one particular person that he wants to "meet in the middle."
As for the rest of the record, Edel teamed up with producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Destroyer) to make it, and it's expected to arrive this spring via Cordova Bay.
As Edel says at the beginning of the video:
I don't think personal records are the most immediate. Maybe they're too specific; and mine is specific. It's specific to places and moments and snapshots in my mind and it's specific to people. I made this record; I called it India, Seattle. I wrote it one Northwest Winter, recorded it the winter after, and many winters later, it will still be here reminding me.
While we await full details of its release, you can catch him at his upcoming shows, which are listed below. Scroll past the tour dates to give the video for "East Shore/West Shore" a watch.
Tour dates:
03/26 Calgary, AB – The Ironwood Stage and Grill
04/11 Victoria, BC – The Roxy Theatre

East Shore West Shore - Mike Edel (In Studio) from Mike Edel on Vimeo.