Mikal Cronin "Say" (video)

Mikal Cronin 'Say' (video)
How many elongated, lightly bearded, blazer-sporting friends can one man have? While it doesn't seem like a particularly taxing problem, the situation gets downright ruthless in garage pop guy Mikal Cronin's latest video, for MCIII track "Say."

Just like how Cronin's recent "Turn Around" clip was inspired by an old Natalie Imbruglia video, the Jonah Ray-directed visuals are somewhat modeled after Paul Simon's promo for Graceland's "You Can Call Me Al." Things start off a bit daffy, with Cronin and a Chevy Chase analogue sharing laughs, but a steady flood of sport jacket-and-sneaker loving dopplegangers tense up the mood.

After much argument, the clones attempt a clumsy kickline together, but ultimately the whole thing goes sour. And that's when Mikal Cronin gets mad. You can see Cronin's grisly solution to the clone crisis down below.

As previously reported, Cronin will be touring North America throughout the fall in support of MCIII. Shows in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal take place in September. You'll find all the specifics here.