Mika Vainio / Pita / Charlemange Palestine Three Compositions For Machines

This disc answers the question "what happens when you place three experimenters in front of strange new instruments?" In 1997 Holland's Staalplaat label set up a Masterclass festival that invited artists to workshop and perform on inventor Christof Schlage's unusual MIDI-controlled musical machines like the Rustler. This device's arrangement of wind-blown tubes were made to sing/growl on track one of this disc by Panasonic's Mika Vainio. Pita's Peter Rehberg (founder of Austria's Mego label) next arranged the Crescent's bell tree into sections of on/off ringing and stick-like percussive sounds. And American minimalist Charlemange Palestine left his piano to wind up the whirring harmonics of the Siren. For an encore Vainio and Rehberg dueted on a closely miced typewriter, beginning at a slow and feedback-filled keystroke rate that wouldn't score them temp jobs. Soon, however, a Powerbook and the LiSA sound manipulating programme took over to produce sound information at a teletype rate, recalling the din of Paul Pandhuysen's pieces for matrix computer printers, Engines In Power And Love. (Staalplaat)