Mika Bomb Hellcats

This is the follow-up to Mika Bomb’s 2001 debut, The Fake Fake Sound of Mikabomb, and this long-awaited album offers up 14 fun pop punk tracks. Though it’s probably not an album that will change your life, Hellcats bounds through songs like "Shut Ya Mouth,” "Bettie Page” and "Osaka” like they’re tiny rollercoaster rides. Mika Handa has an endearing presence that brims with enthusiasm and will likely make you want to sing along. And although at first it seems like this album is all pop and bubblegum, a closer inspection will reveal that these songs are full of attitude and filled to the brim with swearing, which creates an interesting juxtaposition of sound and stance. Hellcats captures the essence of a band who can entertain with rollicking guitars and a non-stop rhythm section, which compliments the upbeat yet in-your-face sound that Mika Bomb have grabbed hold of. (Damaged Goods)