The Midway State Met a Man on Top of the Hill

What do Tokyo Police Club and the Midway State have in common? Not much musically but they both have released more EPs than they have LPs and fans of both Canadian acts are probably thoroughly confused and/or frustrated, especially in the case of the Midway State’s "newest” offering. Met a Man on Top of the Hill has the same four-song track listing as their self-titled EP, except the 2006 version has one more cut, "Unaware,” which is missing here. The Toronto boys have a knack for writing beautiful emotional pop rock ballads akin to the Fray, with more artistic integrity, and have great potential, if they’d only write a full-length already! Major labels had a bidding war over them last year and all signs were/are pointing towards success for these talented youngsters but until they feed their fans some new material, you can’t blame them for getting bored. (Remedy/Interscope)