Midtown Forget What You Know

Playing out with strong emotion that so many bands just don’t seem to be able to tap into, Midtown creep into your head from the very start and stay there long after it’s over. After starting up in college for the sake of having fun, Midtown ran into luck other musicians could only fantasise about. First, a debut EP on Pinball led to a record deal on Drive-Thru, and then in 2001, they cut a deal with a major label and toured extensively. But after all that, Midtown quit everything in order to just be happy playing music. Now they’ve returned and they’re sounding damn good, too. The philosophy behind this album is the destruction of reality; removing a situation from your life so that it can be examined and understood. There isn’t a weak track here, but there are some that really shine. "Empty Like the Ocean” has the capability of sucking oxygen out of a room and "Hey Baby, Don’t You Know That We’re All Whores” is a super-catchy number. This is an album that is sure to sit well with fans of the melodic side of punk. Fans will surely be grateful that Midtown got their asses back on the scene. (Combat Rock)