Midnight Juggernauts "Into the Galaxy"

Midnight Juggernauts 'Into the Galaxy'
Currently the opening act on one of the hottest tours of the year - that'd be Justice's † tour - Melbourne, Australia's Midnight Juggernauts are not "another act that sounds like Daft Punk." They are in fact a good old band that perform the way bands used to, like when your parents were being blown out of the water by Yes three decades ago at the local auditorium. Sure, they fancy the synthesiser and fiddle with house beats, but wasn't a law just passed that said you must in order to sell any records these days? Their self-released album, Dystopia (buy it on iTunes kids, don't search for the zip file and grab it for free!) has garnered every raving review you could imagine, as it should. It's not every day we hear a band that can juggle muscular electro house in the air with flaming psych, ambient folk, futuristic Italian horror scores and a particular fondness for nerdy prog diversions - all while assuming the stance of a proper pop band, of course. We can expect the album out here some time in 2007 (label TBA, but it seems like something Aussie tastemakers Modular would pick up, don't you think?), but while you wait, check out single "Into the Galaxy," a turbo-charged blast of space disco accentuated by paranoid Bowie-esque vocals and floating, intergalactic fills that'll launch your brain into orbit.

Catch these Juggernauts, and those Justice guys, in Toronto at Circa tomorrow (October 18) and in Montreal at Metropolis on Friday (October 19). That's if you have tickets - both shows are 1,000,000% sold out.

And for a little fun, click here to check out member Vincent's apocalyptic comic strip for Vice (complete with an amusing audio commentary), and here for the band's MySpace page of remixes.