Midnight Juggernauts 'Ariels' (EP stream) / "Freefalling" (video)

Midnight Juggernauts 'Ariels' (EP stream) / 'Freefalling' (video)
Australia's Midnight Juggernauts have been around for 10 years, and they're celebrating the anniversary by sharing a charity EP.

The four-song Ariels begins with the hypnotic, tightly-wound synth blips of "Freefalling." This sets the tone for the band's pop-friendly approach to electronica, as thudding dance passages are overlaid with airy, melodic vocals on all four tracks. All proceeds from the EP go to the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation.

"Freefalling" has also received its own video. It's a charming bit of globe-hopping, as the members of Midnight Juggernauts are inserted into an planet-spanning CGI map. An announcement describes the video like this:

The video is an ode to Google Earth, the band's long-standing favourite computer program. As cartographic enthusiasts they've spent vast amounts of hours over the years excessively exploring its virtual environments. Last year they noticed its crowd sourced 3D modelling project, which allowed the public to recreate the world's buildings in 3D form, had come to a close. Millions of these CG SketchUp models are now being replaced by auto-generated 3D mesh buildings through photogrammetry technologies. To farewell these previous crowd sourced 3D creations, the band wished to have a final celebratory song and dance through some of their favourite sites across the virtual globe. A technological last rites before the new dawn.

Check out both the video and the EP below.