Michael Sasso Lonely Nights

Michael Sasso is aiming for the pop charts, and for the sake of relieving day job workers subjected to easy listening radio torment everywhere, I hope he makes it. The five tracks on this EP are well rendered mainstream ballads, and what Sasso and his band members lack in big budget finesse they make up for in playing skill and heart. The opening and title track, "Lonely Nights," is catchy with superb guitar playing and somewhat unrefined yet highly listenable vocals retained throughout the album. "Sundown" is a sweet, brooding ballad along with the upbeat "How Can I Believe You," which confirms that Sasso does harbour talent. The entire EP brings to mind the pop sensibility of '70s tunes by bands such as America, where songwriting and composition took precedence over production. This is well put together, sincere pop rock that kicks the ass of whatever happens to be on the charts at the moment. As long as Sasso doesn't compromise his skill, I think he has a decent shot. (Independent)