Michael Mayer Returns with 'Mantasy'

Michael Mayer Returns with 'Mantasy'
Despite a few mixes and a bevy of twelve-inches delivered over the years, Kompakt records co-founder Michael Mayer has only released one proper full-length LP, Touch, and it came out way back in 2004. The electronic music magnate is now ready to deliver a follow-up, called Mantasy, which arrives through Kompakt on October 22.

A press release suggests that the creation of Mantasy was quite meticulous. While Mayer admitted that Touch was hastily assembled over a couple of weeks ("frankly, you can hear that," he said), he took his sweet time on Mantasy and considers the album "really the first one." 

"Mantasy clearly reflects the gazillions of sounds I'm listening to in private, especially my love for soundtracks or soundtrack-like music," he continued.

While the ten-track LP is the official follow-up to Touch, Mayer has spent the last several years doing remixes and released the SuperMayer collaboration with SuperPitcher back in 2007.


1. Sully

2. Lamusetwa

3. Wrong Lap

4. Mantasy

5. Roses

6. Baumhaus

7. Rudi Was A Punk

8. Voigt Kampff Test

9. Neue Furche

10. Good Times