METZ Share Info on New Recording and Video

METZ Share Info on New Recording and Video
Since the release of their acclaimed, self-titled debut LP on Sub Pop this past fall, Toronto punk trio METZ have been on a tear, touring extensively throughout North America and Europe. A prolific and creative entity, METZ have had only few occasions recently to write songs together, but guitarist Alex Edkins tells Exclaim! that fans should expect a new tune very soon.

"We did manage to find some time after the European tour to get into the studio, and we recorded a new track that will probably see the light of day in a month or two on the internet," he explains. "But it is tough to find the time to focus on new material when you're going from club to club. We're hoping come September, when our touring schedule is all finished, we can focus on the new record."

As for the new song, Edkins is initially a bit cagey, which is in keeping with METZ's knack for keeping people on their toes with enigmatic missives and videos.

"I can't say too much about it, to be honest. The idea for it came about when we were in Switzerland on tour. There was a little idea for a riff and that grew into a full song that we put together during the three weeks we were home.

"I can tell you it's called 'Can't Understand.' I just can't tell you what format or capacity it will be released, that's all."

Edkins also reveals that METZ will soon release a video for album track "Get Off."

"A very, very talented filmmaker and musician made it for us," he says, building a mystery. "I don't know if I'm allowed to say his name, but you're very familiar with him and his work, so I think you'll enjoy it. Animation — that's a bit of a tip there."

METZ have already expanded their summer touring plans, which includes stops at Lee's Palace in Toronto on Friday (May 17), Calgary's Sled Island Festival in June and Guelph's Hillside Festival in July. See all of the band's forthcoming dates here.