Metronomy Surprise-Release New Collaborative EP

'Posse EP Volume 1' features a different guest artist on each track

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 15, 2021

Metronomy have just surprise-released a brand new EP titled Posse EP Volume 1, out now on Because Music

As the name suggests, the new EP is a collaborative affair, with each track featuring a different artist. SORRY, Biig Piig, spill tap, Pinty, and Brian Nasty & Folly Group all make appearances. 

According to a press release, Metronomy founder Joe Mount said he hadn't actually known of many of the artists featured prior to their appearance on the EP. 

"I thought it would be weird saying, 'some of these are people I hadn't previously heard of', but actually it's such an amazing way to encounter people and get to know them," he said. "Receiving back a song from someone you've never met before, but they've clicked with what you've done and done something amazing with it."

It sounds very much like a Metronomy record, but the individual artists bring a taste of their particular flair, and the EP runs the gamut from hazy, synthetic lounge, off-kilter rap, and the to-be-expected sideways dance-pop that the band have always mastered. You can stream it below. 

Metronomy's last record was 2019's Metronomy Forever, and judging by that "Volume 1" in the title, it's a safe bet that there'll be more music from Metronomy and friends coming our way. 
Posse EP Volume 1:
1. Half an Inch (feat. Pinty)
2. 405 (feat. Biig Piig)
3. Uneasy (feat. Spill Tab)
4. Out of Touch (feat. Sorry)
5. Monday (feat. Brian Nasty & Folly Group) 

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