Merzbow & Genesis P Orridge A Perfect Pain

The gospel according to Genesis P Orridge, now working as Thee Majesty, gets another chapter from this spoken word and noise project done in the company of Japan's master industrialist, Masami Akita, aka Merzbow. Here working with someone of equal vision, Gen's existential epistles are wrapped in the highest quality noise he's worked with since after Throbbing Gristle disbanded. During "Source Are Rare" you'll have to listen closely between Merzbow's over-modulated rhythms to understand Gen's latest message to his sheep-like Psychick youth followers, but his point is one of misunderstanding so the match is perfect. Not that there isn't some humour involved, as Gen floats a line in "Flowering Pain Give Space" from the Beatles's "Strawberry Fields" (and his favourite acid-influenced pop era) while Merzbow goes to TG's "Discipline" soon afterwards. (Cold Spring)