Mentallo & the Fixer Return to Grimpen Ward

Texas-based duo Mentallo & the Fixer come forth on Return to Grimpen Ward to present 14 remixed versions of songs spanning their ten-year career. From cleaner synth-pop sounds, à la Severed Heads, to heavier industrial dance resembling Frontline Assembly, there is something for all. As far as this being a remix album, I think they would've been better off to get other faces from the industrial/electronic assemblage to do some of the mixes for them. It's not to say that Mentallo's brothers Dassing (Gary and Dwayne) aren't excellent programmers and mixers, I just found that some of the remixed versions on Return to Grimpen Ward too closely resembled the originals. Those looking for completely new treatments of their old Mentallo favourites might be disappointed. On the other hand, for those wanting a best of collection, or if you have a keen ear to spot the changes to the revamped songs, your money certainly wouldn't be completely misspent. (Metropolis)