Menomena Offer Up Mines Tracklist, Free Download

Menomena Offer Up <i>Mines</i> Tracklist, Free Download
Last month, we learned that Portland-based indie rock trio Menomena would add another record to their eclectic catalogue. Besides a July 27 release date and the title Mines, we didn't have much else to offer in terms of details. Fortunately, that's changed as the band have revealed the tracklisting and dropped a new single.

As you can see below, Mines features songs with interesting titles like "Queen Black Acid," "Lunchmeat," "Dirty Cartoons" and "Sleeping Beauty." We're racking our brains to uncover a common thread through the song titles, but it's just not happening. Lead single "Five Little Rooms" can be downloaded for free from the band's official site in exchange for an email address here.

Menomena's Danny Seim included "five little facts" about "Five Little Rooms," which we've reproduced here:

1. It's the ninth track on our new album
2. It started out as one song a few years ago and ended up an entirely different song a few months ago
3. It prominently features the words "prostitute", "children", "hung", "bridegroom", "suburban" and "mcdonalds" (we're edgy now, haven't you heard?)
4. It was the last song to be chosen for the new record, which, in our perverted world, somehow makes it the most appropriate choice for the first single
5. It's either the best or the worst song we've ever written; you decide!

The cover of Mines (see above) depicts a statue in a forest, and while it looks fairly normal on a computer screen, will actually be included as a stereogram optical illusion.


1. "Queen Black Acid"

2. "Taos"

3. "Killemall"

4. "Dirty Cartoons"

5. "Tithe"

6. "Bote"
7. "Lunchmeat"

8. "Oh Pretty Boy, You're Such a Big Boy"

9. "Five Little Rooms"

10. "Sleeping Beauty"

11. "Intil"