Men I Trust Release New Wave Banger "Billie Toppy"

It's their second single of 2022

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 29, 2022

Men I Trust have released an absolute banger. Their new single "Billie Toppy" is out now.

The song is a little harder-hitting that MIT's usual dream pop, as it rides a surging new wave groove with feather-light vocals and wonky, almost bluesy riffs. During the choruses, the charging arrangement blows wide open with chiming riffs that are pure '80s pop.

This is Men I Trust's second single of the year, following this summer's "Hard to Let Go." It's unclear if Men I Trust are building towards the follow-up to last year's Untourable Album, or if they are simply indulging their usual fondness for one-off singles.

Either way, "Billie Toppy" goes hard. Hear it below.

Last year, Exclaim! spoke with Men I Trust about their steep rise through the music industry despite avoiding typical routes for success.

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