Memoryhouse Announce 'The Slideshow Effect' LP

Memoryhouse Announce 'The Slideshow Effect' LP
Guelph, ON dream pop unit Memoryhouse just may be perfectionists. Earlier this year, they offered up a revamp of their The Years EP, basically rerecording, re-examining and expanding the record for the better, and it's come to light that their debut LP, The Slideshow Effect, has been a work in progress for nearly two years. Thankfully, the hazy duo are finally ready to drop the disc early next year.

"I think there is an unfortunate tendency for bands to rush their first album... jumping into a studio without getting a chance to fully develop their voice," composer Evan Abeele said in a statement.

The ten-track album was produced by Abeele, with help from occasional Memoryhouse bassist Barzin Hassani Rad, and apparently finds the band evolving into something statelier than before. While ethereal vocalist Denise Nouvion's presence was at first mysterious, the new tunes are said to channel influences of Dusty Springfield, Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks, favouring up-front vocals over her previous reverb-laden washes. Synthesizing the directness of these new influences, the group jokingly describe their new sound as "Taylor Swift with Built to Spill as her backing band."

A tracklist has yet been unveiled, but The Slideshow Effect is set to hit shelves on February 28 via Sub Pop.

UPDATE: You can now check out the tracklist below.

The Slideshow Effect:

1. "Little Expressionless Animals"
2. "The Kids Were Wrong"
3. "All Our Wonder"
4. "Punctum"
5. "Heirloom"
6. "Bonfire"
7. "Pale Blue"
8. "Walk With Me"
9. "Kinds of Light"
10. "Old Haunts"

The Years (Full EP Stream) from Memoryhouse on Vimeo.