Memoryhouse "The Kids Were Wrong" (video)

Memoryhouse 'The Kids Were Wrong' (video)
Toronto's chilled-out pop duo Memoryhouse dropped their first full-length release today (February 28), called The Slideshow Effect, via Sub Pop. Alongside the album, the band have also released a video for one of the new tracks, "The Kids Were Wrong."

The smooth and catchy articulation of guitarist/composer Evan Abeele and the crisp vocals of Denise Nouvion are the driving force behind Memoryhouse. And they don't fail to deliver with their new material.

The video is the perfect light-hearted counterpart for the song. Focusing on the innocent love of two adolescents whose traditionalist relationship involves playing jacks and running on the beach. Meanwhile, the band groove out in a candlelit loft.

Check it out below.