Memoryhouse "Dream Shake" (video)

Memoryhouse 'Dream Shake' (video)
Ontario indie pop duo Memoryhouse used to be signed to Sub Pop, but they will be self-releasing their album Soft Hate in January. Having already shared "Dream Shake," they have now given the track a video.

While the song is a punchy, buoyantly percussive electro-pop-rock offering, the video is far more sombre in tone. In it, we see various scenes in which singer Denise Nouvion sings along and stares moodily past the camera with a blank expression. It's a mix of seasons and settings, as we see her in a pool, bathed in pink and blue light, amidst trees in autumn, and chilling out in the bath. Even the summery shots in which she stands next to a palm tree don't quite lift the downcast, dreamy mood.

Watch the clip below. It was directed by Nouvion, along with Samantha Cardow.