Memory Tapes Announces 'Grace/Confusion' Album, Shares New Track

Memory Tapes Announces 'Grace/Confusion' Album, Shares New Track
Following the electro-pop-oriented Piano Player, Dayve Hawk is breaking the mould for his next release as Memory Tapes. Entitled Grace/Confusion, the album will be out December 4 on Carpark Records.

While the collection includes just six tracks, it's actually a full-length record that clocks in at around 39 minutes. When composing these lengthy tunes, Hawk employed a fragmented approach to tying together melodies and instrumental passages.

In a statement, he explained, "Discarding any ideas about genre, format or even song structure didn't feel like a liberation, though, more like a maze to get lost in."

Described in a press release as an "experimental rendering of pop music," the album's production is said to draw on space rock and classic electro, as well as disco and Krautrock.

"I decided to showcase a kind of chaotic reaching," Hawk said. "I don't think the record is flat-out shooting in all directions though, because I kept trying to rein it in as much as I embraced it. That's why I called it Grace/Confusion."

The eclectic electro epic "Sheila" is streaming below the tracklist, and the cover art is above.


1. Neighborhood Watch
2. Thru The Field
3. Safety
4. Let Me Be
5. Sheila
6. Follow Me