Memory Bank Litany and Lethargy

An interesting choice for a title, as though there may be a litany of emotive vocals throughout the songs, but thankfully, they don’t have much lethargy to them. Memory Bank prove this at the start as they charge out of the gate with their best Killers riffs and yearning, passionate vocals on the first two tracks. But just when you’ve got Memory Bank figured out they turn the corner into Coldplay territory with sensitive ballad songs, the highlight being hit-worthy "Bleed Like a Hero,” with its muscular guitar lines and strong choruses, and epic closer "On the Vent,” with its ringing chords and repetitive groove whetting the appetite for a proper treatment in a live setting. The problem with all this spot-the-influence is a lack of personality, save "On the Vent,” that leaves Memory Bank pleasant to listen to, even anthemic, but a tad hollow. Even the most eccentric track, "Engorged on Hope,” seems like a love letter to the Rheostatics; of course, this could be due to lead singer Craig Browne’s falsetto, which has an insanely uncanny resemblance to that of Martin Tielli. There is a hunger and energy to Litany and Lethargy that imbues the songs with a sheen that is sweetly addictive, but a lack of cohesion ultimately stands out, bringing to mind the title of one of those great bad movies, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. (Linus)