Members of Deafheaven and Hundred Waters Join Danny L Harle and Makeup Artist Isamaya Ffrench for New Group ALTO ARC

Watch the gothic video for their new single "Bordello"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 20, 2022

In a mashup that few people probably saw coming, Deafheaven frontman George Clarke has teamed up with hyperpop producer Danny L Harle, Hundred Waters member Trayer Tryon and makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench to form a new group called ALTO ARC.
The quartet's self-titled debut EP is arriving February 11 on Sargent House, and today they've shared new single "Bordello" which comes attached to a deliriously witchy video from Elizaveta Porodina.  
"I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this video. Telling this story felt like opening an old book and uncovering a sinister fairy tale," Porodina said in a statement. "An eerie vibrating presence fell over the rooms we built up, and it felt like oscillating from one dark world to another. It's a privilege to witness such rare and magical moments."
George Clarke added, "Working with Elizaveta to see her vision through was wonderful and I couldn't be happier with how beautifully this song was interpreted and captured."
The song itself is a shapeshifting piece of dark industrial pop, featuring vocals from Clarke and Ffrench and shot through with some medieval folk and plenty of distortion. It's actually the second taste of the group's upcoming EP — their song "Nocebo" soundtracked the trailer for 2021's Hunter Schafer-starring Euphoria special.
Check out the video for "Bordello" and see the tracklist for ALTO ARC below.


1. The Model Gospel
2. Nocebo
3. Bordello
4. Yeva's Lullaby
5. The Circle Unbroken

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