Meltron Cliché

Light melodies and electronic-based rhythm are the backbone of this German electro-pop act. As with many groups singing in foreign languages, Cliché offers a level of exotic novelty that helps the group’s sound greatly. Whatever artistic vision lies behind the disc however is overshadowed by a lack of durability and power. The songs offered here are simply not attention-grabbing and the group have missed a chance to infuse catchiness into their electronic compositions. "Propaganda” serves as the potential exception here, with a promisingly energetic presence that ends up petering out into monotony. Likewise with the psychotic carnival sounds presented in "Marlene,” a promising intro track that unfortunately is quite misleading towards the feel or style presented through the rest of the disc. Since the group have been around since 1995, the real question is whether Melotron have lost their edge, or did they just not have one to begin with? (Metropolis)