Melodium Music For Invisible People

Content to shy away from the public eye, as demonstrated on his label’s website, which states that he "never plays lives,” Melodium continues in his highly under-valued fashion of releasing subliminally orchestrated pop albums with Music For Invisible People. Although unlikely to be heard by many people on this side of the pond, and the closest references being similarly like-minded Euro artists such as Plaid and Broadcast, Music is a collage of warm summer sounds delivered via playful electronics and acoustic guitars. Most often the songs commence with programmed blips but as the unfold, Melodium introduces varied instrumentation such as flutes, melodica and xylophone that play against a slightly reserved but melancholic voice that floats along as naturally as the music. Album highlight "Saturday Morning” would fit nicely on any mix-tape, with the vocals sounding akin to Damon Albarn’s nonplussed accent if "Parklife” was recorded in the south of France on keyboards instead of in London with guitars. (Autres Directions)