Megan Nash Gets Sweating with Her New "Quiet" Video

Get familiar with her "Parking Lot Approved" workout regimen
Megan Nash Gets Sweating with Her New 'Quiet' Video
Megan Nash recently returned with "Quiet," and now she's treated it to a workout-heavy video.

In a statement, here's what she said of the clip:

This is my 'Parking Lot Approved' workout. A way to get the blood flowing after sitting in a van for a couple of hours. Exercise helps me manage my anxiety and it's something I need to make a priority when we get touring again. It's a very goofy video but the intent is to bring some home workout joy to folks in the dark month of February and maybe help a dialogue with musicians about practicing movement as self care while touring. (When it is safe to do so!)

Watch the "Quiet" video below.

As for the track itself, Nash explained that "'Quiet" is a song about "your husband, soon to be ex-husband, driving away from you on the Prairies What an unforgiving horizon Saskatchewan has. It can really draw out a goodbye. 'Quiet' was born out of heartbreak and I hope it serves as an anthem for the lonely, the one left behind. The lyrics are personal and heavy for me yet I want to dance when we play it on stage. It contains two truths — life is pain and life is a party."

Nash last released her album Seeker in 2017.