Megan Nash 'Song Harvest Volume One' (album stream)

Megan Nash 'Song Harvest Volume One' (album stream)
Saskatchewan songstress Megan Nash is set to release her sophomore record Song Harvest Volume One next week, but you can give it an early listen right now, courtesy of Exclaim!
Based in the tiny hamlet of Palmer, SK, Nash recorded the new material live off the floor in a hundred-year-old church. Though the tracks were laid down over three days last October, it was the same spot that she spent the summer of 2014 writing and rehearsing the nine songs that made it on to the album.
With a powerful voice and emotional delivery, it's no surprise that the singer-songwriter has drawn comparisons to Serena Ryder and Martha Wainwright. Backed by minimalist guitar, Nash's voice and lyrical stories are what stand out.
Showing off a voice that ranges from a soothing coo to a thunderous growl (all in the same song), Song Harvest Volume One tackles themes of love and loss without sounding cliché. It also delivers a healthy dose of Canadiana charm, like yearning to be the "Deer Head" on the wall.
Her powerhouse wail triumphs across tracks like "Start of Something," "Matchbox Baby" and "Another Love," demanding attention and leaving the listener mesmerized.
You can own it for yourself when Song Harvest Volume One hits shelves on March 17, but until then, give it an early listen in the player below.