Medications Are Completely Removed with New Album

Medications Are <i>Completely Removed</i> with New Album
In the fall of 2008, Washington, DC post-punk trio Faraquet reunited to release their Anthology 1997-98 and play a handful of shows. At the time, Exclaim! caught up with front-man Devin Ocampo, who dropped hints that Medications, the group he shares with fellow Faraquet alum Chad Molter, were putting the final touches on a second LP. Fast-forward to the present day, and the new Medications album is right around the corner.

The album is called Completely Removed, and for good reason. With the departure of original member Andy Becker, the record sees Ocampo and Molter take on most of the writing, playing and recording themselves. The result is a brand new direction for the project, adding a distinctly poppy feel to the sound developed on their 2005 debut.

Dischord Records will release Completely Removed in North America on April 20. For those in the know, however, the label is already selling the release in their online store. Order the album or hear streams of each track here.

Completely Removed:

 1. "For WMF"
2. "Long Day"
3. "Seasons"
4. "We Could Be Others"
5. "Rising To Sleep"
6. "Brasil '07"
7. "Kilometers And Smiles"
8. "Country Air"
9. "Home Is Where We Are"
10. "Postcards"
11. "Tame On The Prowl"