Mean Jeans Sign to Fat Wreck, Promise New Album in 2016

Mean Jeans Sign to Fat Wreck, Promise New Album in 2016
Portland pop punk partiers Mean Jeans have proven that they'll never run out of endearingly idiotic song ideas. Following 2012's fantastic On Mars LP, they've got another one in the can. And this time, it'll come out via legendary pop punk imprint Fat Wreck

The label made the announcement on its website, explaining that it will deliver the Jeans' third album sometime in 2016.

Better yet, drummer Jeans Wilder offered up a story full of classic pop punk references and a brief aside about shitting his pants:

The very first show I ever went to was in 96 in Vienna, Austria to see NOFX, Weezer, and Lagwagon. I remember purchasing a Lagwagon ringer tee and putting it on immediately, because wearing a shirt of the band you are seeing is the cool thing to do. Especially since I hadn't even heard Lagwagon before. A year later I bumped into Chris Flippin outside of a show at that same venue and he brought me and my friends on the Lagwagon tour bus. We talked about how Blink-182 had dropped off the tour because they had to film the video for Dammit and about how the new album Double Plaidinum was somewhat of a departure from Hoss. Later that year I shit my pants* on the way home from a Good Riddance show. Many many years later I acquired Tré Cool's cell phone number and tried to trade it to someone for Fat Mike's cell phone number. I was denied. Needless to say, myself and the Mean Jeans are very excited to be joining the FAT family. It is 5:30am on our way to FEST so excuse the boring story, it's the best we got at this time of day.

Stay tuned for more information on Mean Jeans' third album as it becomes available.