Mean Jeans End Up 'On Mars' for New LP

Mean Jeans End Up 'On Mars' for New LP
It really is a shame that LMFAO have appropriated the phrase "party rock" for their crotch-gyrating radio pop, because Portland pop punks Mean Jeans fit the description even better with their beer-, pizza- and weed-fuelled party anthems. With that in mind, our Friday just got that much more fun with the band's announcement of a new LP on the way.

The record is called On Mars, and on their Facebook page the band described it as "a concept album about the Apollo 69 Kamikaze Mission to Mars." With track titles like "Ready 2 Rip," "Hangin' Tuff," "Come Toobin'" and "2 Twisted 2 Luv U," we're expecting more of the band's Ramones meets Bill and Ted antics.

On Mars will be available on April 17 via Dirtnap. The album art is available above with the full tracklisting below. Album track "Anybody Out There?" can be downloaded here courtesy of Spin.

On Mars:

1. Ready 2 Rip

2. Life On Mars

3. Hangin' Tuff

4. Crummy Crummy

5. Come Toobin'

6. Total Yo-Yo

7. School Lunch Victim

8. Anybody Out There?

9. Nite of the Creeps

10. I'm A Pile

11. Don't Stop Partying

12. Forever In Mean Jeans

13. 2 Twisted 2 Luv U