Mayer Hawthorne "Her Favorite Song" (ft. Jessie Ware)

Mayer Hawthorne 'Her Favorite Song' (ft. Jessie Ware)
As previously reported, neo-soul player Mayer Hawthorne returns this summer to release his Where Does This Door Go LP on July 16 through Republic Records. Before the album arrives in full, though, you can sample the set's "Her Favorite Song."

The track gels on Slip 'N Slide bass runs and funked-up, Off the Wall-appropriate electric piano as Hawthorne rolls out a soulfully sung story about a woman sliding on a pair of headphones after work. The music lover is played by none other than UK R&B favourite Jessie Ware, who lets out a few ba-ba-baas before admitting to herself, despite her escape, that "the world keeps turning, life goes on."