Maxwell Implosion Small Circle of Friends

Creating a vintage-flavoured downbeat cocktail, shaken and stirred with dub, bossa and soulful infusions, DJ Maxwell Implosion (aka Torsten Heller) leaves the decks behind and instead opts for a small circle of musically gifted friends. The result is a perfect neo-lounge soundscape for the summertime work party or casual BBQ. Oozing with upbeat but relaxed charm, A Small Circle Of Friends coasts in on the image of Heller and company recording by the pool at his new millennial bachelor pad. There is a playful sophistication to the CD, which bobs up on the buoyant and mellifluous vocals of French chanteuse Laila Groove in "L'Homme En Peluche," chills out and sashays in the understated down-tempo of "The Upper Left Corner of the Sky" and then downright spaces in Brian Levin's bass-soaked dub exploration "Doughie Step." Giulio Aloisy's bass lines accompany most of the other numbers and Brazilian vocalist Pat Cerqueira, featured on "Tic Tac," adds to the ultra-laidback cosmopolitan groove of the CD. (Emperor Norton)