Max Neuhaus Fontana Mix-Feed

A reissue of live electronic music shows from 1965 to 1968 featuring the music of John Cage as performed by Max Neuhaus. The sounds on this record are made up of manipulated feedback noise from microphones and speakers. The sounds here recall Jimi Hendrix live, only all feedback and no guitar. There are six compositions in all, each culled from a tour that spanned from Europe to the U.S. In order to simulate the performance of these piercing drone pieces, the listener is advised to turn the volume as loud as possible without destroying stereo speakers. I would advise the listener to play one performance a day instead of straight through from first to last track. That way this recording can be used as a sonic vitamin or enema rather than an overdose. This way the sounds on this CD can be used to stimulate the mind and cleanse the bowels of the imagination. (A La Marghen)