Max Cooper Reveals Collaborative EP with Braids

Max Cooper Reveals Collaborative EP with Braids
As far as we know, Montreal pop experimentalists Braids are still putting the finishing touches on their anticipated sophomore set, but fans can hear the band on an upcoming EP from UK electronic artist Max Cooper.

According to a press release, Cooper's Conditions One EP arrives on 12-inch vinyl December 10 through Fields, and features all of Braids singing on new tunes "Pleasures" and "Automaton." Remixes of the tracks will also be delivered by Ghosting Season and D/R/U/G/S.

According to Cooper, an "ex-genetics researcher with a PhD," his EP examines the intricacy of the human condition from a couple of different angles.

"'Pleasures' is just that — an attempt to write something purely pleasurable and beautiful," he said in a statement of the A-side. "But 'Automaton' is darker – an attempt to show how humans are essentially deterministic, trapped in a set of predictable reactions to their environment, their upbringing, their lives."

You can sample the team-up in the YouTube player below.

Braids haven't offered up many details about the follow-up to 2011's Native Speaker, but drummer Austin Tufts revealed last spring that the writing sessions had yielded some darker material and hinted that the record will arrive sometime in 2013.

Conditions One:

1. Pleasures
2. Automaton
3. Pleasures (Ghosting Season Remix)
4. Automaton (D/R/U/G/S Remix)