Matthew Herbert Takes A Break From Pig Project to Reveal One One Details

Matthew Herbert Takes A Break From Pig Project to Reveal <i>One One</i> Details
Though he's recently been bogged down by controversy surrounding his ambitious One Pig album, experimental composer Matthew Herbert has also been keeping busy with other projects. As previously reported, the Pig record is third in a series of albums due this year. First, Herbert plans to release One One, which is due out this spring.

One One was recorded entirely by Herbert. The project is so strictly solo that he even had to learn some new instruments to get it done. On top of that, he also forced himself to start singing for the first time, which was the most daunting task. "Singing for the record was surprisingly difficult," Herbert says in a press release. "There was no one there to tell me if I was terrible, and if I was terrible I had to fix it myself. I couldn't hide behind nifty production tricks. At times, it took dressing in a black tuxedo and half a bottle of wine to get over the nerves."

Matthew Herbert's One One will be released by his Accidental label sometime in April. It will be followed by One Club in June, which is made up of edited crowd noises at a German nightclub, and finally One Pig in September.

One One:

1. "Manchester"

2. "Milan"

3. "Leipzig"

4. "Singapore"

5. "Dublin"

6. "Palm Springs"

7. "Porto"

8. "Tonbridge"

9. "Berlin"

10. "Valencia"