Matthew Barber

"Hold Me" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 13, 2015

Are you all ready for some Big Romance this Valentine's Day? If so, Canadian folkie Matthew Barber just might have the thing for you, a beautiful and scenic video for his Big Romance's "Hold Me."

Just in time for love day, Barber has delivered a video, directed by Ilia Horsburgh, that finds him taking a lovely stroll across a Banff landscape. Train tracks are crossed, snow trickles from the heavens, and rocky plains make for a temporary bed for Barber. While no one is actually there to, well, hold him, it still makes for a comforting set of visuals.

In a statement, Barber had this to say about the new video:

I had a day off in Banff on tour and thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot a video with Ilia who is based in Calgary. Being from Toronto myself, it seemed like a chance to feature dramatic natural scenery of the sort we don't have at home. I've always loved the mountains and majestic beauty of the Rockies. In thinking about which song to make a video for, 'Hold Me' seemed like the best fit from new album because of the themes of nature and time and feeling small within a vast universe. Ilia's slow-motion images of a lone man set against the backdrop of a landscape millions of years in the making are a perfect cinematic complement to the meditative ballad.

Watch the video for yourself below.

Tour dates:

02/20 Mississauga, ON - Mississauga Living Arts
05/21 Toronto, ON - The Great Hall

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