Matt Darriau Paradox Trio Source

From Darriau’s opening clarinet lines in “Turkic” to the split tones of Rufus Cappadocia’s cello (Uskudar / Wounds / Hora-Honga / Ozi Vezimrat Ya / Oriental Suite), this passionate project captures a vibrant quality of vocal abandon essential to any exploration of “the common ground shared by Balkan and Klezmer musical traditions.” The dancing interplay between Darriau and guitar player Brad Shepik is one of the key partnerships in this music’s success, notably during the ensembles and the driving chase dialogue in “Alts Far Gelt.” As well as electric guitar, Shepik also plays traditional instruments like the saz and the tamboura on four of nine performances. Featuring music from Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yemen, Source is brilliant confirmation of the promise shown by the Paradox Trio’s 1997 KFW release Flying at a Slant. Despite the paradox that this trio is actually a quartet, their evocative music is highly recommended. (Knitting Factory)