Mastica Mastica

Mastica are a culture all their own. And something as experimentally cabalistic as this trio could only originate in Austin, TX, a creative culture that is equally as magical. Their premier release is an other-worldly concoction comprising of both hi-tech and earthly dense rhythms, courtesy of King Crimson's current ultra-dextrous drummer Pat Mastelotto. Along with other instruments such as cellos, bontempi and guitars, Mastica create a smooth, staggered and vaporous listening environment that is aurally akin to that of watching time-lapse motion photography. Incisive insinuendos of pop and Spanish influences are present as well, making this disc an even more interestingly wild and soul-rousing curio. It is futuristic in a sense, yet rooted in ancient ways, something that is as soothing as hearing crickets on a hot summer night. It's how nature intended things to be. (First World)