Maryze Goes Totally '80s on New Single "Too Late"

Watch a new video from Montreal's "icicle queen"
Maryze Goes Totally '80s on New Single 'Too Late'
Alt-popster Maryze has been riding high from the success of her recent viral TikTok series rating Montreal's deadliest icicles. Her songwriting is just as sharp, as she's demonstrated on latest single "Too Late." 

The new single finds Montreal's icicle queen going all-in on '80s pop balladry, à la HAIM and the Weeknd. "Too Late" finds Maryze's confident pop vocals underscored by a variety of synths accented by tinkling percussion. The track marks a complete 180 from last year's single "Squelettes," which leaned into horrorcore thanks to rattling bass percussion and a guest verse from Backxwash.

An accompanying music video furthers the '80s homage, featuring slow fades, boomboxes, oversized blazers, choreographed dance moves and a battle between doppelgängers. Producer Solomon K-I also makes an appearance, delivering a synth solo so scorching, it's a miracle he doesn't melt the ice beneath him — good thing he's wearing skates for a speedy exit.

"I wrote this song when I was feeling both frustrated about wasting time, and also completely unable to motivate myself in the pandemic," said Maryze in a press release. "I was kicking myself while I was down, which obviously isn't helpful to get back up. For some reason, even if the lyrics are pretty depressing, the song came out upbeat and dancey. I immediately heard it with an 80s beat — the era of sad dancefloor hits."

The song is a taste of Maryze's forthcoming debut album, set for release in the fall.

Watch "Too Late" below, followed by her famed icicle rating video.


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