​Marvel Universe to Introduce First Transgender Character

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 2, 2020

Blockbuster superhero movie powerhouse Marvel has revealed that the Universe's first transgender character will appear in an upcoming film.
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed the news on Saturday (December 28) during a Q&A session in New York.
Feige was asked if there would be increased representation of the LGBTQ+ community in upcoming Marvel films, specifically trans characters, to which he replied, "Very soon. In a movie we're shooting right now."
He didn't specify which character, which film or when it would be released.
Feige also added that a number of upcoming film and television projects for Disney+ are in the works and actively striving to incorporate diverse voices — including a number of projects that are directed by women.
"When you are sitting at a table and everyone looks like you, you're in trouble," Feige said. "You aren't going to get the best story out of that."

Of projects that have been announced so far, Black Widow and The Eternals are both being directed by women.

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