Martin Tetreault/Otomo Yoshihide Ahhh

Ahhh is the last of a trio of live electronics and noisework recordings by Tétreault and Yoshihide. While it’s predecessors Grrr and Tok explore a more full-on, high decibel attack (with Tok being more fragmented and dynamic and Grr being wall of sound hardcore), Ahhh enters a world of machines and electrons in meditation; occasionally interrupted by flies, street noise and someone in the kitchen with the radio not quite tuned in —that may sound like taking advantage of poetic license, but it really is true. The accompaniment of refrigerators, little noises from the street, pages turning, faraway construction rhythms and the odd noisy warp in space all combine in a strangely familiar way; as if I’m listening to old music from my past. The audio space created is also something unique with the hums and buzzing bringing the more percussive events into relief in most unexpected ways. Fans of Tétreault and Yoshihide already know of this kind of magic — you should too. (Ambiances Magnétiques)