The Mars Volta's 'Amputechture' Gets Vinyl Reissue

The Mars Volta's 'Amputechture' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Vinyl copies of the Mars Volta's 2006 LP Amputechture fetch a pretty penny online, so we've got bad news for record flippers and good news for everyone else: the album is being reissued on June 2 by Music on Vinyl.

This vinyl pressing preserves the original eight-song tracklist. Nearly all of the songs are quite long — three of them stretch over the 11-minute mark — so they are spread across two LPs.

North American copies comes on 180-gram blue vinyl in a run of 1,250. European copies, on the other hand, come on red/gold vinyl in a run of 3,000 with a bonus poster. These are housed in a gatefold sleeve.

Amputechture was the band's third full-length. It was their first album with At the Drive-In cohort Paul Hinojos and their last with drummer Jon Theodore. It features guest guitarist John Frusciante, who was then a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Music on Vinyl will also reissue 2003's De-Loused in the Comatorium on May 19.

Thanks to Modern Vinyl for the tip.


A1. Vicarious Atonement

A2. Tetragrammaton

B1. Vermicide

B2. Meccamputechture

C1. Asilos Magdalena

C2. Viscera Eyes

D1. Day Of The Baphomets

D2. El Ciervo Vulnerado