Marnie Stern Sets Up Kissing Booth To Pay Off Speeding Ticket

Marnie Stern Sets Up Kissing Booth To Pay Off Speeding Ticket
If your lifelong dream has been to make out with a hot guitar-playin’ rock chick, Marnie Stern is giving you that chance — well, if you’ll dish out $100. At the New Yorker’s recent live shows, the singer/songwriter/guitar slayer has set up a kissing booth, claiming at recent tour stops that she needs the quick cash to pay off a speeding ticket. And what's more wholesome than helping a poor girl pay off her debt to society while getting a little something-something in return?

Via a press release, Stern said that all her remaining shows will feature the booth, where the prices are: $3 for a peck on the cheek, $10 for lip action and $100 to slip her the ol’ tongue. However, Stern has made the wise choice of whipping up this disclaimer: "Marnie reserves the right to refuse anyone a kiss subject to poor physical and mental hygiene, general dementia and overall grossness." (Not that people who pay for physical affection are ever gross or lack any sort of hygiene.)

For your shot at smooching Stern, here are her upcoming kissing booth-enhanced tour dates:

11/18 Austin, TX - Mohawk
11/21 St. Louis, MO - Billiken Club
11/22 Bloomington, IN - The Lodge
11/23 Columbus, OH - The Summit
11/24 Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room
11/25 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern
11/26 Washington, DC - DC9
11/28 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/29 New York, NY - Santos Party House
11/30 Milford, CT - Daniel Street
12/1 Boston, MA - Church

Photos courtesy of City Sound Inertia.

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