Marley Carroll Flight Patterns

Marley Carroll Flight Patterns
Ahead of the release of his concept LP Flight Patterns, composer and producer Marley Carroll began releasing sets of double singles from the eight-track album, giving us a nuanced taste of what was to come.
Inspired by the mountains of Asheville, NC, Flight Patterns' soundscapes were constructed by the classically trained pianist and percussionist using environmental samples and analogue gear, layering the colourful sounds of the outdoors amongst an electronic base.
While the entire album is textured and hazy, the sets of double singles are also paired for their commonalities and similar styles. "Shiver" and "Fireflies," one of the strongest sets, encompass all that's on offer from Carroll — two extremely robust tracks cut from the same cloth with an ever-present 4/4 signature, the former sheathed in dreamy pulses of synth and clicks of field percussion, and the latter awash in continuous double hi-hat, a thick bass run, and mischievous synth flourishes, almost inciting the track name.
Carroll does wonders incorporating field recordings into Flight Patterns, changing the technical composition into a tangible, organic listening experience. (Loci Records)