Markus Guentner Lovely Society

Markus Guentner steps away from his minimal ambient and techno releases to give us a more diverse electronic album. Lovely Society is quite good. The tracks can be easily listened to at home, and would probably work well in many mid-tempo house DJ sets. "All The Time,” an actual song, is sparkling German tech-pop and there’s also a glitch-y remix of it by Renato Figoli. "Something About You” is a brisk tech-house track, while "Options 2” has an almost progressive house feel to it, and "Back in the Days” works a slow, but good, techno loop to exhaustion. "Swap” and "Never Want to Stop Playing That Game” both go for the deep, heavily-processed feel that Germans seem to do so well. Overall, you can place it in the tech-house genre, but Guentner brings in enough influences from other genres to keep Lovely Society an interesting, danceable album. (Ware)